The Rights Of The Lgbt Community Essay

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Our society has been advancing in almost every way possible the past couple decades. Whether it be technology, lifespan, equality or even energy efficiency, the world is moving faster than ever before. America is at the pinnacle of progression when looking at the world. One of the biggest and most controversial issues that is brought up more and more is the rights of the LGBT community in the United States. This LGBT movement has been growing exponentially for the past few decades and they have finally made their mark and stood their ground here in the US. Marriage is now legal and they are more accepted overall. Though they are accepted much more today, there is still some very big issues that arise from the American population, more exclusively, the Christian population. This paper will discuss what it will take for the Christian faith to accept the LGBT community in America. Religion has an impact on almost everything that happens in the world today. It is the root of many decisions made by people and cultures worldwide. Billions of people worldwide choose to make certain decisions based off their own religious beliefs. Many will even try to live their entire life following the path that their religion tells them is right. LGBT acceptance is a very controversial issue in the world today. From the issues surrounding gay marriages, to the gay pride and activism parades everywhere, this movement is real and is not going to go hide back in the closet. Unfortunately, due to
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