The Rights Of The Lgbtq Community

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The LGBTQ community has been denied certain rights because of their sexual preference. Because there is not a natural born man and woman standing at the aisle, many states deny them the right to marriage. Many protest the rights the LGBTQ community should be able to have. The Catholic Church has condemned the LGBTQ community since the beginning of time. While some states have changed their views and laws on LGBTQ rights and privileges, there is still much improvement that needs to be done. Who gives someone the right to tell others who they can and cannot love; and that because they love someone of the same gender as them they are less of a human being. The essay will call into question the rights of the LGBTQ community being unjustifiably denied and the community being wrongly frowned upon. The gay and lesbian community should be afforded the same rights and privileges and heterosexual couples, and these rights should begin with every state allowing and recognizing same sex marriages. Contrary to popular belief, same sex relationships have been around since almost the beginning of time. Same sex relationships, also known as homosexual relationships, have also not always been a topic for controversy. In the ancient world sexuality and gender was a lot less defined. People in those times often had sex with both genders, without it being defined as homosexual, bisexual or even heterosexual. Without sexual orientation being categorized, there was not a sense of discrimination

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