The Rights Of The Muslim Woman

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The Rights of the Muslim Woman.

In this recent centuries, many women around the world were given their rights, and New Zealand was the first country to give that right to women. But before people worried about rights, and this is going back thousand centuries ago, There was a dark time, people were ignorant and believed Superstitions. So they were told having a girl in the family will ruin their status among their people, and she’ll also bring bad luck. Someone will dies, or they’ll be out of money. This kept going for couple of years till Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was given the Quran. When the Quran came down a lot of laws were changed and some were brought down, and some of the ones that were brought down were for women, and their rights, and that is why muslim women are the first women that were given their rights. . Also keep in mind this was 1400 years ago, in a dessert that people rode camels and goats. One right of the Muslim woman that Allah brought down was that women are equal to men in spiritual side, and each of them is best of what they do.[ Quran 16:97] So what this means is, when it comes to worshipping the Mighty (SW) He doesn’t care if you are woman or if you are a man, as long as you do your best to worship him. They are given the same things to do when it comes to worshipping. For example, Women and men must pray five times a day, they have to fast 29-30 days once a year, they have to be a wake most of…

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