The Rights Of The United States

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Craig Williams Kate Simonsen ENG 112 82PR 03 November 2015Guns Don’t Kill but People Do!Many decades ago, the founders of America escaped from England to escape the strict rules that were being forced on them by their rulers. The men of this new found land convened to discuss their rules and rights to run their newly created government. They create a bill declaring the basic rights that every man in the country could have. Some of the basic rights that were created was the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, free speech. One of the most important rights created was the right to keep and bear arms. However, in these times of increased violence with guns, many people in America believe that the possession of guns is…show more content…
The public tend to focus on the amount of people killed or wounded by guns, but not the amount of people that avoided being harmed because they had a firearm readily available. Police officers carry handguns in plain view every day, but are never questioned about whether they should or should not be allowed to carry a handgun. Many police officers go their entire career without upholstering their handgun to defend themselves or a civilian. Why do you think this happens? The average criminal is not going to violently approach an officer knowing that they have an effective way of defending themselves. The same concept applies for any civilian. If it was known that more of the public carried guns, delinquents would think twice before they would approach someone. Most small time criminals cannot easily gain access to guns under strong anti-gun laws, which is probably true. But most crooks that perform violent crimes do not use guns, but knives or any other easily accessible weapon to get what they want. Criminals look for easy targets to attack like women, older people, and those not carrying guns. In order to create effective gun laws, the law makers must understand the relationship between guns and violence. New gun laws must be thought out thoroughly because a lot of laws that are made do not necessarily have the intended effect of the law.The anti-gun supporter of today believes that if guns were outlawed, then the rate of violent crimes would drop
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