The Rights Of The Woman

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and even if life did start at contraception, the rights of the woman gets thrown out and then she is treated as an incubator because she is forced to give birth. A birth should be a gift and a privilege, if everyone is forced to have a child out of their will then “rather than a privilege and a gift, these aspects of being female become an unbearable burden (MIT Know The Facts). I have not every known anyone who has gone through an abortion, but I can think of the pain and trauma a woman can go through when they want to have an abortion. A man who married my aunt sexually assaulted my little sister at the age of 13. I can only imagine if she was raped and became pregnant out of it. I personally would want her to go through with the abortion because if not the emotional impact to be forced to deliver the pregnancy to term would be catastrophic. If the law were that of Chile, El Salvador, or Ireland, then my sister would be forced to give birth. People need not be so high and mighty and quick to say no matter what you never abort the child. No little girl should be forced to give birth. A woman is raped and in a country where abortion is illegal except in the form of rape a woman would be forced to prove they were raped. What if a woman cannot prove that she was in fact raped? Then a woman would be denied what she is entitled to. One out of five women do not come forward when sexually assaulted because of the sheer embarrassment of being sexually assaulted because they feel
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