The Rights People with Dementia Should Have Essay examples

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Working in a hospital setting predominantly with older people, I have encountered many who have been diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a term used to describe the symptoms caused by certain diseases or conditions of the brain of which there are two main types; Alzheimer’s disease and Multi Infarct dementia more commonly known as Vascular dementia. Dementia is caused by the death of nerve cells in the brain which cannot be replaced which means that dementia is a progressive condition that gets worse over time and cannot be reversed. It is also a long term condition because it takes months or even years to progress and there is no actual cure. (Alzheimer’s Society 2014) This degenerative condition is more common in older people, however,…show more content…
Davies (2008:309) states ‘Self-determination is the ethical principle in which persons should be permitted, enabled and encouraged to make their own informed decisions about the course of their lives’. He would argue that people with cognitive impairments could be perceived as vulnerable or at risk, which in turn can lead to professionals being over protective, shielding them from some minor or unlikely risks. It is vital to recognise this and understand how it has the potential to restrict individuals; however, family members do not always agree and in this instance their views and opinions differed. Although family members felt this lady should be considering the option of moving into residential care, the lady herself dismissed this idea, as she was happy living at home in her bungalow. Blackburn (2001:80) states ‘we don’t want to suffer from domination by others, or powerlessness, lack of opportunity, lack of capability, [or] ignorance’. With this in mind, it was important for me to recognise that in order to proceed and protect this older lady’s rights as a potentially vulnerable person, she should be supported in line with the Mental Capacity Act (MCA, 2005) which sets out principles about decision making and exercising control in order to encourage people’s empowerment. . Understanding disability from a social model perspective can help us to recognise and challenge disabling
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