The Rights We Now Have Because Of Our Forefathers

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Historical Essay #1 The Rights we now have because of our Forefathers Stephanie Polanco DeVry University Abstract Decades of research had defined what our forefathers produced for our future. They instilled rights, laws and power to those who need it and to those who can enforce it. As democracy is compared and analyzed we see how our past educated our future. As a need for separation for our freedom our ancestors started with the Articles of confederation. Although it wasn’t strong enough history followed with the Constitution. Many people played a role in the development and this paper will examine the Federalists and their counterparts the non-federalist. This paper will also show the timeline pertaining to the articles of confederation and compare it to the constitution. To believe in something we need to understand why we need to do it in the first place. Why do we need to be governed and given a list of rules to be treated fairly? Why is an understatement, when people posse power and authority to exercise decision they feel is justified. As history dictates Americans decided enough was enough and felt the need to separate from the British government, Thus creating a timeline of events towards the freedom and independence today’s society now appreciates. Our Freedom and rights stem from important documents (The Constitution, The Articles of Confederation) our ancestors created with much debate. As we compare and contrast these documents, it gives us
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