The Rights of Women in the Unites States from 1846 to the Civil War

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Since the Unites States free themselves from the oppressing government of British power, the U.S created the opportunity for citizens to become more civilized and understanding nation toward human’s rights. There were many hardships that the United States had to go through for the human rights to start flourishing. There were wars and many political changes that lead to better opportunities in society for women and slaves. Many things happened between 1846 and the civil war in the early 1850’s woman started to revolt and realize there was more to life then just being human puppets. Then shortly after that the parties started to separate and states began to fear that the president would take away their slaves so in fear of that they…show more content…
And after all that fighting the only thing they got was some property rights to married women, but nonetheless the most important thing is that this movement lead to something bigger in the future and gave the bravery to other woman to follow on the work of those who fought so harsh to get at least some rights and eventually woman’s gained little by little their full rights. Therefore, due to the hard work of these women their rights were coming to surface little by little. The southern states wanted to secede from the union due to the fear that north would restrict and outlawed the slavery. With Lincoln presidency the south states started their separation of the union. Lincoln made it very clear to the southern states that secede from the nation was illegal during a recite of his oath in Washington D.C. It was until Lincoln became president that the south finally exploded and decided to secede. They knew Lincoln was in favor of the north and will try harder to free slaves from the south states. The south didn’t listen and stand up against the north and made their first moves and attack the Fort Sumter. Due to this event Lincoln send military forces to enter in war with South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas. This event marked the start of the Civil War; Lincoln mobilized his military forces to defend the U.S from confederates that were consider enemy. Therefore, due to the fact the southern were afraid that the north
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