The Rigidness of the Higher Educational System

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In today's society, the higher education system has been a very controversial topic for many years. There are many problems that people have with the higher education system in America. People have questioned its tactics and debated the pros and cons of the higher education system. One of the many problems that higher education presents is that learning is linear. Many educators do not go into further detail with their lesson. "Most teachers and professors in colleges have a set plan, and this is what makes higher education rigid"(Ruytenbeek, 2013). This is why most students find higher education tedious and difficult to grasp. This linear learning is a significant problem in our higher education system because it does not educate every…show more content…
Families and students who pay for this linear education do not get much in return. They are not getting the good quality of education they deserve for the amount they are paying. Basically, students are gaining large amounts of debt for an education that is rigid and bare. This is unreasonable and detrimental to students wanting an education in the country. Nowadays, there are so many other resources for knowledge that can be obtained for free. For example, the internet like online classes can be used for a much cheaper price and get the same education, if used appropriately. With this in mind, universities should improve their education system for a better price. "In order to fix this they need to find a necessary plan for every student and make sure it fits their need"(Briers, 2010). Lastly, most classrooms in higher education are a "one-size-fits-all approach to learning. There is no tailoring to individual learning styles or interests. The education system does not go into further detail, and expect students to get from point A to point B"(Ruytenbeek, 2013). Some professors do not elaborate further in their lessons, and just follow a plan that doesn't entirely cover the whole lesson. The learning in higher education is rigid and unbending. Many students find professors lessons unclear and confusing because they follow a set plan. This plan is linear and professors refuse to review over for

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