The Ring Road Proposal

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Accept it or dead slowly
You know in your heart that you want to add this proposal of ring road to this community. Ring road is absent to make so many things easier in urban areas. It’s not gone take 30 minutes of crossing the road. You probably had the moments where you wait 30 minutes to just go one side of the road to another. Don’t you want this all to be terminated? And yearned you want be safe around the community not be scared by over speeding car? Wouldn't you hunger, pollution to be reduced from this area? In your heart you know you want this new road my purposed of writing this portion to show you why we should accept the ring road and what are their benefits? By accepting the ring road we can upsurge the job for people, decrease health problem and save money.
By opening up to this new program, we can upsurge job rate. Always new program means more job opportunities that can advance people quantity of life. For example, if everybody has a job and they started to earn money. They can provide their family with basic needs such as food, shelter and this contributed to a better standard of life for people. In addition, by accepting this program we give us community opportunities to grow in wealth methods. Such as new business nasty more jobs for people and supplementary people pay taxes to the government and then the government give the money to the community to build more program and brand the community better As well as by accepting then ring road proposal, we get…

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