The Ring Seals The Deal

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The Ring Seals the Deal Why should anyone enjoy a dessert before getting satisfied with the main meal? A comparable question is raised about cohabiting relationships before marriage. “If the couple is not ready for the full commitment of a marriage life that engages a balance of emotional and physical functions between partners, why should they even consider living together?” Many couples say they want to “test drive” their relationships and make sure they are physically compatible. Others just want to maintain their single status. However, cohabiting before marriage can lead to many malfunctions in the relationship. In fact, cohabiting before marriage creates unstable relationships, forms inferior quality of life compared to a marriage life, and raises the chances for divorce. Unstable marriage is one of the major consequences of cohabiting relationships. In cohabitation, partners care less about fulfilling each other’s emotional needs. They can be less patient confronting each other in frequent arguments, leading to heated fights. Also, a cohabiting relationship teaches couples to negotiate issues in wrong ways and to react selfishly towards each other. Moreover, for couples that have children, the constant fights and instability will emotionally disturb their kids. Therefore, “public policy supports marriage as necessary to the stability of the family, the basic societal unit” (“Cohabitation” 500). However, professionals recommend that single couples should make a

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