The Ringling Brothers: Freak Shows

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“Roll up! Roll up! Come and see the Ringling Brothers’ Amazing Circus! Watch and gawp at our freak show, the 1000kg woman and the mutant, two headed man, named Salvador! We have men with deformed faces and women with beards! You won’t believe your eyes!”
Unethical, immoral travelling ‘freak shows’ such as the Ringling Brothers from the 1800’s now cease to exist in society, thank goodness. The mistreatment of the physically different was an outcry and surely no one would ever consider bringing such an offensive display of exploitation back. – Would they? Because it seems to me that reality television is becoming awfully similar. In fact I might even say that reality TV is worse than the circuses 200 years ago, for in all their unjust portrayal
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These two young women are one person from the bellybutton down, yet two independently functioning individuals from the bellybutton up. Then there is the family of dwarfs, the teenagers with Tourette’s and my personal favourite; ‘It’s not easy being a Wolf-Boy’. Yet why do we find such shows entertaining and gripping? Are we trying to kid ourselves that they’re educational, or can we simply admit that we enjoy watching these programmes for entertainment’s sake, to gawk or to laugh at others…show more content…
Switch it off. Angle the black remote at the screen and press down the big red button. The future of these reality TV shows depends on us; the viewers and the ratings that we produce from watching them. Just imagine if we all simply stopped watching. If we decided that actually we don’t need to sit and laugh at these misunderstood individuals who are ridiculed for the sake of entertainment. Yet despite standing on my moral high-ground, informing you to stop a habit so deeply engrained, I do understand how unrealistic such a feat would
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