The Rio Grande Valley, And Immigration

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This research paper focuses on the Rio Grande Valley, and immigration. The purpose of this research paper is to demonstrate that immigration to the Rio Grande valley has had a negative impact. Effects immigration has on the Valley 's economy, employment, and education are discussed. The concepts of "informal" and "underground" economy by Richardson, C. and Pisani, M. are covered to demonstrate the unique economy the Rio Grande has. Poverty rates at a national and local level are compared. Studies by Richardson, C. and Pagan, J. are used for their statistical information regarding unemployment in the Rio Grande Valley from the years 2000 until today. Counterarguments regarding positive effects in the Rio Grande are considered. Conclusion reached is that immigration in the Rio Grande Valley does have a negative effect, although it is needed, to a certain point in employment and economy; however a positive impact has been experienced in education. How Mexico 's Violence Affects the RGV Mexico is a country where the economy has been low for years, and the violence has been high causing their people to seek jobs, and safety elsewhere. Immigration from Mexico to the United States has always taken place. Mexicans cross the border, either legally or illegally, in search of the American dream. However, since the war against the drug cartels started, back in the year 2000 or so, job opportunities in Mexico keep decreasing, and families struggle to bring food to their tables.
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