The Rio Grande Valley (Rgv) Is Growing Economically.There

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The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is growing economically. There has been an increase in new businesses, especially in cities like McAllen, Edinburg, and Pharr. As stated on EconomicsHelp, the main factors that increase economic growth are an increase in aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Thus, a business will succeed in the Rio Grande valley by analyzing the community’s supply and demand. I lived in front of La Plaza Mall for about 8 years. I noticed the La Plaza Mall has a lot of customers from Mexico. A lot of the Mexican customers seem to be attracted by the clothing and buy in abundance. Moreover, the community indeed has increased their demand for clothing. An example is Black Friday. Traffic worsens, and people camp outside…show more content…
Moreover, these skilled people may not have a high school diploma, however, getting a certification for credentials in their work would be less costly than having to go to a technique school to learn the skills. By employing the unemployed skilled people from the community, the local economy may improve over time. In other words, the skilled workers will have more discretionary money to spend in other local businesses. Supplies to make clothing is abundantly available in or near the RGV. Apparel supplies may be sourced from downtown fabric stores in McAllen or Mexico. Regarding infrastructure, surprisingly, it is a lot less costly to start a business in the RGV than in any other city. The Valley is economically expanding and buying a location for a boutique now will be a great investment for the future. Personally, I believe the Rio Grande Valley may become a destination place for tourist like San Antonio or Austin. Therefore, the high demand stylish and quality produced clothing proves that a boutique that sells eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing may succeed in the RGV. The clothing boutique that sells quality clothing is an example of monopolistic competition. Being in the monopolistic competition market means that the boutique offer a differentiated product, in this case being eco-friendly and ethically produced clothing, and competition is high. As a new business, the clothing boutique should start out small and slowly grow over time. A

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