The Ris Policies With A Strong Supporting Network For Science And Technology

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At this point, the research would usually discuss the repercussions of the RIS policies with regards to firm involvement and actions. However, Catalonia has historically been severely lacking in resources and, as a result, levels of innovation are quite low. This lack of resources is what is usually attributed to the reason for why the Catalan government is so willing to pursue action on developing a strong supporting network for science and technology. However, even today the capacity for production in those areas are still weak. R&D expenditures for Catalonia are at 1.35% in 2005 are much lower than the OECD average of 2.25% (Segarra-Blasco et al 2008). This is directly related to the low levels of R&D for firms. As a result, the…show more content…
The ICT is particularly notable, however, due to its history. It was produced in the Valles Technology Park in the 1980s but was soon dissolved due to extreme lack of interest in the industrial sector. It has since been restored but the institution is so recent that no significant knowledge has been produced on the subject.

Basic Research Basic research is restricted to public research centres such as universities. However, one of the most active and internationalized types of public research centre are CSIC centres in Catalonia, of which nine are dedicated to basic research. These centres were also heavily affected by the court’s delay in regional and national boundaries. However, support for these centres has since strengthened with agreements with the Catalan government in order to provide more integration with the RIS. With regards to universities, these institutions were traditionally almost entirely created for teaching instead of research. Around the new millennium however, a trend began to change this feature. New resources and regulatory measures have been initiated by the national and Catalan governments, giving rise to a new efforts at research and connections with industrial partners.

Applied Research The bifurcation between applied and basic research can be found in R&D expenditure data. Public expenditure growth has been rapid in both absolute and relative terms, especially between the mid-1980s to early 1990s
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