The Rise And Development Of The Modern Educational System

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The rise and development of the modern educational system in China contributed a great share to the 1911 revolution. Dr. Sun Yat-sen once claimed that education was the chief factor contributing to the successful overthrow of the Monarchy and the establishment of the new Republic (Bailey, 1990). However, during the days of revolution, education went through hardships, and school activities were suspended. While some students volunteered for service in the battlefield or joined the army, others volunteered to give lectures in public to propagate the facts about the revolution and to instruct the masses about the principles of the republic (Peake, 1970, p. 74).
On January 1, 1912 a republican form of government was established in Nanjing with Sun Yat-sen as the provisional president. The Ministry of Education of the provisional government was founded in Nanjing on January 9, 1912. It adopted a new name Jiaoyu bu 教育部. At the very inception of the re-established ministry, it issued a decree to the 17 governors of the various provinces to reconstruct the public education system as well as the curriculum (Shu, 1933, 1990, vol.2, p. 146). The provisional education policy placed importance in social education. It asserted that the flourishing of a republic depended on the intelligence of its citizens. In response to the call of the Education Ministry, quasi-educational institutions, such as public lectures, newspapers, and public libraries, were established to distribute civic
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