The Rise And Fall Of Al Capone

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The Rise and Fall of Al Capone
Katharine Sexton
California Baptist University

In a time when the American Society for the Promotion of Temperance was trying to bring about change for the moral good of the country. Their intentions were taken advantage of and twisted into a multimillion dollar industry. That would give birth to one of the largest organized crime syndications, as well as to the rise of a man who for short time would control the largest organized crime syndications in the country, and his own bravado would bring him to his knees.

The Rise and Fall of Al Capone
(Sandbrook, 2012) states in an age when individual freedom is all, it comes as something as a shock to reflect that in the world’s most prosperous and dynamic country the prohibition of alcohol lasted for almost fourteen years. During this time, it allowed the gangs of Chicago to assert the influence and power on not only the people but politicians and the government. It also created a cultural identity, we celebrate these individuals in movies and song. When they should be vilified for the horrible blood baths that were so public and out of control. It seems that not only did Al Capone and his men have no problem with breaking the law by murdering anyone who got in his way, but he broke the word of God by not obeying one of the simplest of commandments. Thou shalt not kill Exodus 20:13 (Holy Bible, 1998).
The Rise
Who knew that one moral act could lead to such chaos and crime in one country.
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