The Rise And Fall Of Carly Fiorina

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The Rise and Fall of Carly Fiorina Introduction Johnson’s article demonstrates why Carly Fiorina failed as an Ethical Leader of the Hewlett-Packard Company for five years up to 2005. Johnson’s argument concentrates on Fiorina’s role as a moral person rather than as a moral manager and provides considerable behavioural trait failures by Fiorina, supported by plenty of anecdotal evidence to support his claim. Johnson identifies Fiorina’s leadership direction was set by the Board of HP, found that the Board itself had been unethical, and the Board did little to influence or change this direction until the penultimate days of Fiorina’s tenure. The article fails to recognise that Fiorina’s “fall” was ultimately caused by her failure to improve…show more content…
Johnson (p. 192) judges Fiorina reluctantly as an ethically neutral leader as opposed to being either ethical or unethical. Judged as a moral individual, she is portrayed as acting self-centred as opposed to being people-centred, denies input from others, and is uncaring and uncompassionate. When making decisions, ethically neutral managers are thought to have a smaller perspective than ethical leaders. Johnston (p. 193) raises very limited commentary about Fiorina’s performance as a Moral Manager, merely that there are very few press accounts which highlight initiatives to enforce ethical conduct at HP. It should be understood that being assessed as an ethically neutral CEO does not mean that Fiorina is unethical, but merely not strongly ethical. When judged as a Moral Manager, she is seen as being focussed more on financial outcomes than ethical virtues (Trevino, et al., 2000). Reasons for Leadership Failure Supporting his assessment of failing as an ethical leader, Johnson (p. 192) states that Fiorina lacked three behavioural traits – “compassion, integrity and humility”. Compassion being absent during Fiorina’s tenure at HP, despite her being described by co-workers at her previous employers as being compassionate - showing kindness, generosity and concern for them when in unfortunate circumstances. Johnson (p. 192) suggests that her new salary package at HP changed this trait in her to become
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