The Rise And Fall Of Evelyn Nesbit

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“ The Rise And Fall Of Evelyn Nesbit”

“ The crime of the century” they called it, well besides the O.J simpson case that happened nearly a hundred years later but anyways this was the most scandalous story of the early 20th century everybody wants a piece of this story. The story made headlines all over America especially right here in New York, Evelyn Nesbit, Harry K Thaw, and Stanford White all part take in this scandalous story. If you didn't know Evelyn Nesbit before now you will. In each article they all explain the event the happened in June 25,1906, but we are going to learn about how she dealt with the situation and how it change her life until her death in 1967. Hollywood Remains to Be Seen . Born Florence Evelyn Nesbit December 25, 1884 in Tarentum a little town in Pennsylvania. Her parents were Winfield Scott Nesbit who was a lawyer and Evelyn Florence Nesbit. Base on Stoy stated “The Nesbits moved to Pittsburgh in 1893. Less than a year later, Winfield Nesbit died at the age of 40, leaving Mrs Nesbit with two young children - Florence, 10, and her brother, Howard, 8. With no means of support, the Nesbit were evicted from their home and forced to sell most of their possessions. In other words besides her father being dead she had to go through another heartbreak she got kicked out her home. Furthermore “They moved in with relatives for a while, then

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