The Rise And Fall Of Guest Blogging

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The Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging
By Mark Khoo | Submitted On July 08, 2016

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Guest blogging has being touted by some bloggers as a great way to achieve some kind of recognition and popularity. They say it will open doors for you to reach 'new heights ' in your blogging experience. Let me state here that I 'm no fan of guess blogging and lately I don 't hear much about it unlike past years. I 'm sure it 's still going on somewhere in the Blogosphere, but I guess it has gone lame.

The argument is that guest blogging will help generate links, exposure and traffic to your own blog. Obviously, this is the motivation that got many bloggers posting on other people 's blogs to gain that extra mileage. In a sense, guest bloggers are like butterflies or grasshoppers.

If you want to move in the fast lane, once you joined the blogging community, you might think guest blogging would enhance the user experience. But first you 've got to gain an 'entry ticket ' before you 're accepted by any other blogger whose site is your target.

To do that, you have to show that you have got what it takes to write well - with great information, tips and whatever

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