The Rise And Fall Of Hitler 's Nazi Party

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The Rise and Fall of Hitler’s Nazi Party In the world today and since the beginning of time fear is and always has been a powerful emotion. For the people who control it it’s the perfect tool. They disguise it as happiness while they can conduct their evil actions, and their choices can appear to be the right ones when the mind is fogged by panic. While the person who controls the fear uses it to control an entire society. George Orwell did a wonderful job in portraying how this could happen in his novel: 1984. This is exactly what was happening in Germany after World War One. After World War One Germany was left broken, spiritually, physically, and financially. Initially after the war Germany tried to recover by means of social spending. They began building new and repairing and old public transportation works. They worked on modernizing old and building new power plants and gas works. Germany started working on all of the public projects in an effort to help combat the ever so rapidly increasing unemployment rates that they faced, while also rebuilding the nation. However after causing so much destruction, and being held responsible for igniting the fire that was World War One, The treaty of Versailles called for Germany to pay over $30 million in reparations to the nations that wreaked havoc on. All of these social projects being used to fight unemployment, along with the reparations that they were being forced to pay were starting to take a huge toll on Germany’s
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