The Rise And Fall Of Soul And Self

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Christianity has guided most of Western culture for as long as human beings have known right from wrong. Human beings and even laws have been written in juxtaposition of the moralistic lessons taught within the scriptures of the Bible. The idea behind Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit has influenced many visionary philosophers to view the body and soul as either a separate or unified entity and has caused many theorists to argue on the materialistic attributes of such. Just like the ideas of the four New Testament Gospels were not written independently of one another, neither was philosophy written independently of the theologies of Christianity and the stories told in the book of Genesis. While Christianity can be argued as a narrowly construed worldview and a religion that has no place in the world of philosophical theories, it is without a doubt the foundation that many philosophers have molded entire theories around regarding the body and soul. Raymond Martin and John Barresi’s book, The Rise and Fall of Soul and Self: An Intellectual History of Personal Identity and Stewart Goetz and Charles Taliaferro’s novel, A Brief History of the Soul, depicts the question of whether the soul was/is an material or immaterial essence and how it was that of controversy for centuries and is still under debate amongst theorists, along with the topic of whether or not the body and soul are interconnected, dependent or independent of one another. Like proving the existence of God,
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