The Rise And Fall Of The Religious Community Essay

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After Donald Trump’s shocking victory, Democrats and liberals have much soul searching to do about their strategy, platform, and base moving forward. But equally important, we need to take a hard look at what tenants of liberalism we did not embrace in this election. We must not only ask ourselves how our campaign against racism, sexism, and jingoism failed in this election, but what other tenants of our beliefs we sacrificed along the way. Moving forward, we must embrace compromise, conversion, and engagement— the tactics that most successful campaigns embrace and are necessary for us to truly embrace all of liberalism’s tenants. Means Matter More Than Ends The rise and fall of the religious community and our own defeat in this election clearly details the best tactics to convert others to our cause—and the ones that led to our defeat: compromise over purity; turning outward over turning inward; and humble engagement over doggedness. Successful campaigns embrace compromise and adaptation to local circumstances. Throughout the Church’s history, church membership increased when they adapted to local customs and communicated about people’s grievances. The Jesuit movement to reform the Catholic Church re-engaged a lost class; the Protestant Revolution against the Catholic Church’s corruption brought more back into the fold of God’s grace; and today, the current Pope’s humble origins and message, even on controversial issues like climate change and gay marriage, has led

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