The Rise And Further Development Of Islam

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With the rise and further development of Islam, the Middle East emerged as a key world region. The religion not only dominated the Middle East but was also spread to the West, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa as it gained followers and influence. Why was the spread of Islam so quick, extensive, and influential? What was it about Islam that appealed to so many individuals and converted such a large geographical part of the world? This can further explained by the process of globalization and “the great world convergence—the opportunities that worldwide communication and transport, as well as empire building, offered to introduce the faith to more people across greater distances” (Panorama 568) as the world became more interconnected as well as ideal circumstances and factors such as the increased spread of knowledge, extensive maritime trade, and new military capabilities. The variety of methods and processes that promoted the religion such as through militant conquers and missionaries, the appealing beliefs and notion of equality that converted individuals, and the overall trend of increased trade and empires that held Islamic ties also contributed immensely to the spread of Islam. While political, economic, and social aspects contributed to the expansion of Islam, the spread of the religion had ultimately altered the social and cultural aspects of geographical areas. (thesis probably needs more clarity) Initially, Islam was a militant conquering religion and
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