The Rise Of A Great Leader

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The Rise of a Great Leader: from Slave to Prime Minister is a book for individuals who have been called to accomplish a certain task or bring about a change but are currently living in a state of doubt, fear, and uncertainty as to how they will execute their dreams. It’s also for individuals who have gone through so much in life and lose sight of who they are or what they’ve been called to do. This motivational leadership book uses Joseph life story as a guide to illustrate the rise of a great leader; from slave to Prime Minister.
Reader Benefits
1. The reader will learn about the definition of a dream (a vision or a goal).
2. The reader will learn how to identify their dreams.
3. They will learn about the need to guard their dreams and keep them to themselves until a set time.
4. While life will not always go smoothly, the readers will learn that when God has a purpose and plan for their lives, many sufferings will come along the way such as: betrayal, harassment, false accusations, etc.
5. The reader will understand that after the suffering, there comes an opportunity, an opportunity to shine.
6. The reader will learn how to walk in forgiveness and build character.
7. By the end of the book, readers will be equipped and motivated to walk in victory/leadership.

Leadership/ Spiritual Growth/ Motivation
Primary: People who know what their dreams are but don’t understand why their dreams haven’t come true yet. The people who feel unworthy to
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