The Rise Of A Star : Lebron James

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Obstacles. What’s That?
Growing up in Oklahoma, with no NBA team in the state I found myself becoming fascinated with the Cleveland Cavaliers star player, LeBron James. His impeccable skills improving every game to his fancy pair of shoes initialed LBJ also different every game always seemed to amaze me more. I was in the library one evening and started to think about my favorite basketball player LeBron James and thought that I should read about him. I found the book The Rise of a Star: LeBron James and it was very fascinating learning about LeBron, because he grew up and was always in the spotlight as a young kid. I learned an important lesson, reading Rise of a Star: LeBron James and watching More Than A Game. It went along to teach me don’t give up, because of the obstacles faced as a child, turn it into motivation to place yourself where wanting to envisioned years from now. I feel LeBron James will help young individuals realize that if they focus on big goals that there won’t be any way that their past can affect what their future holds if they work hard. LeBron showed me that there are obstacles that will stand in my way but they can be conquered.
Before reading LeBron’s story I’ve never really paid attention to his upbringings. I’ve always wondered if my childhood would affect my future. I was unfortunate to have both parents not around at such an important time in my life. I grew up in a home with my grandparents. I was spoiled but we were not wealthy and I just…
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