The Rise Of America 's Power

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From 1877 to the current year of 2015, America has transformed from a country ravaged by internal conflict into a global superpower. Many key moments in history come into play to highlight the rise of America’s power. The Industrial Revolution began the steady rise of America. Through major substantial events, such as: the Spanish-American War, World War I, the Cold War, and the introduction of a New World Order, America made a remarkable surge towards becoming the global superpower that it is today. In the middle of the 19th century, industrialization had spread to the United States. Industrialization led to the growth of large cities and to a boom in agricultural growth as well. Many significant innovations came out of the industrialization process, such as: specified machines for certain labor tasks, the expansion of iron and textile industries, new forms of communication, and improved transportation systems with the invention of the steam engine. New machinery in factories spurred a mass production of goods. High productivity was made possible at this time while also decreasing the need for human power. Iron and steel were produced in large quantities to build towers for the urbanization of cities. Also, iron and steel were used to construct the first transcontinental railroad in America that stretched from the west coast to the east. The invention of the steam engine allowed for goods and materials to be transported more easily and efficiently. Overall, America had

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