The Rise Of America 's Power

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From 1877 to the current year of 2015, America has transformed from a country ravaged by internal conflict into a global superpower. Many key moments in history come into play to highlight the rise of America’s power. The Industrial Revolution began the steady rise of America. Through major substantial events, such as: the Spanish-American War, World War I, the Cold War, and the introduction of a New World Order, America made a remarkable surge towards becoming the global superpower that it is today. In the middle of the 19th century, industrialization had spread to the United States. Industrialization led to the growth of large cities and to a boom in agricultural growth as well. Many significant innovations came out of the…show more content…
America was slowly making its rise from a second tier power to a first tier power by the time of the Spanish-American War in 1898. The war began when Cuba was attempting to gain freedom from the rule of Spain and America was called on to intervene. When the USS Maine, a United States battleship that was sent into the Cuban harbour of Havana to protect American citizens and property after a riot had occurred, had been sunk America’s public heavily demanded the United States government to get involved officially. After Spain made efforts towards a truce along with speeding up the the process to grant Cuba confined independence, America stepped in announced Cuba’s right to freedom from Spain and requested for Spain to remove its armed forces from Cuban territory. In response, Spain issued a war against the United States in April of 1898. Because Spain had not fully prepared its army or navy for obscure battle with the powerful U.S. armed forces, America easily gained victory in leisurely-fought battles against Spain. In July of 1898 the war was being drawn to a close; America’s military sunk and burned all of the Spanish battleships in the harbor of Santiago, thus forcing Spanish forces to surrender. Following the war, the Treaty of Paris was signed in December of 1898, allowing for Spain to reclaim Cuba, but granting ownership
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