The Rise Of Chin China

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THE RISE OF CHINA IN INTERNATIONAL RELATION THEORIES INTRODUCTION It is not until today that we see China as a rising power, so powerful that could shake the core of global system. Recent resilient economic growth and other development indexes have been widely quoted in thousands of political writings as the prominent evidence alarming about upcoming “systemic changes”. In fact, while Europe was still in the shadow of Dark Ages, China was inventing compass, gunpowder, paper and printing technology. While Penicillin was discovered in 1897 by Ernest Duchesne and later Alexander Fleming, China has been using soybean mold as antibiotic measure for already two thousand years. This is explicitly to say that the preeminence Chinese power is not a modern issue emerged from Mao to Xi period, from Long March iconic leaders to modern ambitious technocrats. During colonization period, the West has been constantly disregarding the strength of China and this only changed dramatically after 1976 when Mao death triggered a new period filling with economic successes. With very recent understanding of China as an important actor capable of upsetting the status quo of global system, realists are assuming potential war between China and the US, even an all-out nuclear escalation is possible and “containing” China is the only strategy. The miraculous growth of Chinese economy, technological and industrial wealth, according to them, pose a great threat to traditional order.
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