The Rise Of Chin China

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The rapid rise of China is considered as one of the greatest financial achievement, domestically China achieved a major change by raising 500 million of its people out of extreme poverty and we can say that China attained a major economic power within the span of three decades. It became the world’s largest holder of foreign exchange reserves, manufacturer, and the largest merchandise exporter. China’s remarkable economic growth for the last two decades can even go beyond the United States’ size of gross domestic product (GDP) as well as inflict significant political influence in East Asia. Furthermore, China hold the largest and strongest armed forces arsenal with an astounding excellence in its armed forces capabilities to become the…show more content…
China’s strategy of rising great power was considered a peaceful rise or a peaceful development and in order for the china to continue benefiting from world globalization with without the free riding theory, is to emphasizing to its neighbor’s through actions that the country is a responsible and cooperative member of the international community, and enhancing their relations with the world’s leading states. These efforts involve that China can develop multilateral policies instead of unilateral ones. Therefore, they can develop good relations with other states and proving that there are advantages in dealing with them. As China becomes more powerful and fully arrived on its great power, this will certainly create new challenges since more power creates more opportunities to influence.
The Chinese economic influence and challenges, china 's strengthened its economic power through economic planning process, however it involves some erroneous tactics that can affect their economic status and according to the Global Trade Connections AIWA Investment “acting as an ‘engine’ of the global economy would be impossible unless China fundamentally changes its primarily mercantilist goals. Economic progress has been viewed mainly as a means for increasing national power. The economic methods which have underpinned its recent progress have involved unproductive use of capital and protecting financial institutions with bad balance sheets by maintaining a current
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