The Rise Of China 's Rise

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Student no. 100145621 Is the rise of China to be welcomed or feared In this essay, I will argue that China 's rise should not be welcomed and that it should be feared instead. This is because China 's status as one of the world 's most powerful nation will make it seek to establish hegemony within Asia, and eventually dominate the world as the sole hegemony. The USA and China 's neighbouring countries will try to stop China 's pursuit of hegemony in Asia, and this could lead to intense security tension between two powerful countries, which can create a major war involving two nations with extraordinary military attributes. In this essay, I will be using offensive realist theory to predict results which will occur from China 's substantial growth. According to Heywood (2014), China has become a significantly successful country in the twenty-first century, as we have seen China 's economy being immensely successful, and even surpassed Japan to become the world 's second-largest economy. China 's current success is rooted from the introduction of market-based economic reforms since 1977, which has a consistent economic growth rate of more than 10 percent per year in the last 30 years. This has made China 's economy the second largest in the world, and may even become the World 's largest economic power in the 2020s (Heywood, 2014). China has contributed to the world 's economy in various ways. However, China 's rise has made offensive realists worry that the country would
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