The Rise Of Christianity By Don Nardo

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Identification To what degree has the Nicene Creed unified the beliefs of Christianity? The investigation will attempt to answer this question as best as possible. The focused time period will be from 313 AD to 325 AD. This is because practicing Christianity was made legal in Rome in 313 AD and the Nicene Creed was created and made the official statement of Christian beliefs in 325 AD. Also the investigation will focus mainly on events taken place in Rome. Unity, or lack thereof, in Christianity, events before and after the creation of the Nicene Creed, and how people first reacted to the Nicene Creed are the areas the investigation will follow. Reading through books and databases will be how research for this investigation will be found and notecards will be used to gather thoughts, facts, and quotes useful for this research paper. Evaluation of Sources The book The Rise of Christianity by Don Nardo was used thoroughly, and was quite helpful, during the research step of this project. The Rise of Christianity was written in 1999 and originated in San Diego, California by the publishing company Greenhaven Press. The purpose of this book is to inform readers about early Christianity’s creation, spread, and the struggle the first Christians experienced while trying to tell others about their faith. The book also tells the story of Jesus’ life, a few of his disciples, and talks about key figures who made a big impact on Christianity itself and the people who, sceptic at…
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