The Rise Of Christianity

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people will argue that Christianity has had a vast effect on the westen world. While Jesus himself left no written accounts of his life, accounts of his life and teachings quickly spread via word of mouth and accounts of his life were later written down in what is now the New Testament of the Christian Bible. While there are some discrepancies, most sources do agree on a number of Jesus’s teachings (based on Hebrew Scripture and Jewish traditions) including life after death in heaven, devotion to God, and loving one another. In the Roman Empire, Christianity vastly and permanently changed the Roman Empire from the worship of the Greco-Roman Gods and traditions, by its spread throughout and later adoption by the Roman Empire and laying the foundation for the church’s subsequent growth worldwide.…show more content…
With the threat that the crowds would spur violence, Pontius Pilate (a roman official) was aware that his presence was a threat to the peace in that some Jews believed he was their messiah, while “others hated and feared him because they thought he was religiously dangerous” (McKay 169). In an effort to avoid rioting and bloodshed, Pilate condemned Jesus to death by crucifixion (Osborne 114). Three days after Jesus’s death, many of his followers claimed he had risen from the dead, which has led to the belief in his resurrection as a central element to the Christian
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