The Rise Of Democracy By James Monroe

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The Rise of Democracy In the early 1800’s, The United States of America was unfamiliar on how to appropriately operate the country. The Constitution was created by our founding fathers to help better the government and politics. It was also provided to help our trusted officials make good decisions, and to keep each President accountable. At the time democracy was at its peak, Andrew Jackson was President. He didn’t always like following the rules and democracy came with many limits and regulations. Those who owned property and owned themselves were the only people with a right to vote. Therefore, women and all other race had no place in the democracy. The rise of the white society became superior and the foreign races were becoming excluded. In the analysis of the three designated sources, I found that the rise of democracy caused many racial, gender, and land disputes, but it also contributed to the shape of the government today. James Monroe was President shortly after the war of 1812 and had the honor of embarking in the “Era of Good Feelings”. During his term, slavery disputes in the South brought about multiple different issues. The South was pro-slavery and the North was anti-slavery. This divided opinion separated the unity that America desired. Also during this time, the steam power printing press was invented and it gave the Union a faster way print and communicate nationwide topics. This segued into a new freedom of expression through newspapers, but it also led
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