The Rise Of Empires : The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was a time when the government was ruled by emperors and there were boarders around that distinguished which land belong to the Romans and which did not. It encompassed the coastland and people of three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. Many like to remember it was “the last and greatest of the Hellenistic empires, with all of the cultural variety that the term connotes” (Andrea & Overfield, 2014, p. 300). Because of the characterization of “The Fall of the Roman Empire” many have had a misconception of it. It did not collapse, what happened was that it was a work in process that seemed to have caught up. There are many causes to the fall of the Roman Empire. The lands that were ruled in by the Roman Empire began to embrace new cultures and over a period there was new civilizations that were formed: Byzantium, Western (or Latin) Europe, and Islam. Because of these knew civilizations, there was a lot of change that was going to come to Europe. The Byzantium and Western Europe civilizations were two of Rome’s Christian faith heirs. The Roman Empire was of Christian faith and when the civilizations were formed, they took with them the faith and let it be carried about into the future. Rome was founded by two brothers Romulus and Remus. It is legend that the brothers were raised by wolves. What is the Roman Empire? The Roman Empire began in 27 B.C. When the empire was founded, there had to be a king; the Roman Empires first king was Augustus Caesar. Because
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