The Rise Of Europe : Develope And Contribution To The Rise Of Europe

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The Rise of Europe
Europe, and more particularly the Greco-Roman civilization, is the cradle of Western civilization. Between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, European nations have controlled and colonized the entire American continent, almost all of Africa, Oceania and large parts of Asia. Europe is at the origin of several major historical events such as the Renaissance, the “discovery” of new lands, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Nonetheless, if you go back to the fifteenth century described as “the dark ages” in Europe, no one could have predicted the rise to dominance of that particular region. Europe was a poor, socially and economically, it was a stagnant society surrounded by flourishing Empires in the Middle East and Asia.
So why Europe? What were the elements that contributed to its rise and dominance in the world? In this essay, I will argue that the rise of Europe is due to a particular shared set of cultural values anchored in the feudal age; land equals wealth equals power. The discovery of new goods and lands created competitiveness between nations of Europe causing the use of aggressive tactics to dominate the world such as imperialism and colonization eventually leading to European economic dominance.
Feudalism, a political system where the authority and power is exercised by those who own the land, was how western Europe was organized from 800 to 1500 CE. The currency system was nonexistent in Western Europe as at that time as
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