The Rise Of Fashion And Downfall

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Is it the rise of fashion or downfall in taste. Everyone knows a little bit about fashion, because everyone wears clothes, lately, it 's been noticeable that fashion is taking a steep decline, the celebrities have a big influence on fashion, because many people look up to them, celebrities rarely wear clothes anymore though, because modesty has all but been thrown out the window, and it is sterling to affect everyone in this day and age. Everyone wears clothes! Whether it is shorts, pants, tank top, t-shirt. We all wear clothes so we aren 't naked! But as you can see it is getting less and less modest. And everyone might has a religion that allows them to wear that kind of stuff and show nudity. I´m not a religious person but i can tell…show more content…
What I’ve only just begun to realize is that these two extremes represent different sides of the same coin. While popular culture tends to disempower women by telling them they must dress to get men to look at them, the modesty culture tends to disempower women by telling them they must dress to keep men from looking at them.It is important here to make a distinction between attraction and lust. Attraction is a natural biological response to beauty; lust obsesses on that attraction until it grows into a sense of ownership, a drive to conquer and claim. When Jesus warns that “everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart,” he uses the same word found in the Ten Commandments to refer to a person who “covets” his neighbor’s property. Lust takes attraction and turns it into the coveting of a woman’s body as though it were property. And men are responsible for their own thoughts and actions when this happens; they don’t get to blame it on what a woman is wearing. Many discussions of modesty, from diverse cultural or religious perspectives, revolve around the idea of keeping sinful and unholy female bodies and body parts from the gaze of others — particularly men. This privileges the male gaze, in a backward sort of way, and puts females at a disadvantage for being the ones in control of what others think or feel when seeing their bodies. When we speak of modesty
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