The Rise Of Feudalism

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Feudalism a social system of duties and rights on land tenure and personal relationships in fief lands by vassals that came from lords to which they owe very specific services, and to which they are bounded by personal loyalty. Feudalism started in the definite form in the lands of Frankish in the century of the 9th and the 10th. In a long disagreement with scholars whether the institutional basis was with Germanic or Roman. It could be said that feudalism started from the disintegration of the Roman institutions and the disruption of Germanic settlement and inroads. Feudalism rose in areas that were formerly dominated by Roman institutions that meant the breakdown for the central government. The regions that were not dominated by the Roman…show more content…
In England feudalism was at its strongest when it was first introduced. The defeat of Harold at the Battle of Hastings gave feudalism a really strong start in the country since none of the people of England agreed to a feudal government system the system was strong because it was basically forced upon them. Another point where feudalism was strong in the country was with its army. Since the country had been divided into several plots, each plot had its own army therefore when all armies united to fight as one county the army was big. Another strong point was that England was that the barons did not get in the way of the life routine of the peasants as much as other countries did. In and around their close locations they functioned efficiently. Another strong point that feudalism had in England was that the country had relative prosperity to pass down to its people. The nobles needed to recruit archers and soldiers from their lands. They couldn't be completely greedy and sustain support. When the nobles went too far there were many moments of rebellion among the commoners. A weak point that the feudal government system had England was that the country could not count on support and revenue in times of crisis. Eventually this cost the continental possessions in France. The weak point for a weak monarch was that the nobles would rise against him and further limit his
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