The Rise Of Gay Culture

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Miranda Craw Robert King English 2010 December 6, 2015 The Rise of Gay Culture The gay culture, which is also referred to as the LGBTQI culture by some people, is a culture that is seen to be shared by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and intersex people and thus the abbreviation LGBTQI. People also hear it being referred to as the queer culture meant to indicate that those who subscribe to this culture are queer. The culture involves works by famous members of the culture, understanding of the social movements, ironic appreciation of something that is stereotypically longed to the members of the culture and the identities that are present in the community (Burns 60). This essay will briefly outline reasons we should support gay rights and discuss the uprising and evolution of the LGBTQI community. LGBT rights are sometimes considered human rights, especially by the Amnesty International. Other people, legal or private person, consider these rights to be civil rights. There are a number of LGBT rights which are, however, not limited. One of the rights is allowing the gays to donate blood. There is also the recognition of same gender relationships which can be done by legalizing same sex marriages. Another one is allowing LGBT adoption and in the same breath recognizing LGBT parenting. The enactment of anti-bullying legislation, student non-discrimination laws meant to look over LGBT children and/or students, equal age of consent laws, immigration
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