The Rise Of Higher Education

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There are many topics that are trending in the higher education industry but there are three that seemed to be most common. This consists of cost, technology, and learning. We all know that college can be very expensive and over the years cost has just continued to rise. This holds true for technology as well. We live in a society where technology is rapidly advancing and everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends. This rapid advancement in technology also affects the way we learn and how we are being taught.
Cost, Technology, and Learning
Getting a higher education whether it be at a college, professional, or graduate school currently cost more than ever but without the, you lose more than ever. Higher education has become more valuable than ever before but if you want to get a good education, you are going to have to pay for it. The money that used to come as government aid has now become student loans. Taking a look at the past, present and future, we will be able to see how the cost of higher education has changed.
Studies show that the cost of higher education has jumped more than 538% since 1985. This means that the cost of higher education is almost 4.5 times as expensive as it was back in the 80s. The average cost for all institutions in 1981-82 was $3,489 compared to what it was in 2011-2012 at $19,339. Four-year institutions increased from $3,951 to $23,066 and two year institutions increased in price from $2,476 to $9308. Yearly increases in college
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