The Rise Of Imperialism

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Another one of the forces that pushed new imperialism on were political forces. Nationalism, the love for one’s country and the thought that all other countries were inferior to yours, was one of these reasons. As said by Raymond Aron, the countries were motivated into the new imperialism for national glory, which was something that they wanted for themselves. They took over this land because they saw it as a way to grow their Empires around the world. An example of this was the British Empire, as they took over much of Africa, even though they already had the biggest Empire in the world, because they saw it as a way to have an even greater empire. In addition to this, there was the idea of the people in the Empires being the purest people in the world. Cecil Rhodes stated that the people in the British Empire were the absolute best people in the world. This pushed countries to take over more land, as it added people to their Empires. These added people created more of what they thought of as the “pure race”, and that just added to the nationalism that was already occurring. This and nationalism were a part of each other, as the idea that only people from your country were the best pretty much sums up nationalism. Adding to this, they took this as a way to gain land. Even though some of the countries participating in imperialism had big empires, some of them only had their own country. They took the opportunity to add to their land, and they did just that. They invaded easy to conquer areas and gained new land for themselves mainly in Africa, where the land was easier to get. They eventually gained enough land to be considered Empires, and this all came from imperialism.…show more content…
With nationalism and the want for more land being leading causes for imperialism, the countries that were taken over were forced into European rule because the Europeans thought that the people of their countries were the most pure people in the
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