The Rise Of Isis In Iraq And Syria Is Shocking. I Don’T

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The rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria is shocking. I don’t understand why or how they are growing so fast. Per the video, we watched in class, there are thousands of people who give up everything to travel and leave their homes to be under strict Islamic authority. They then become far away from their homes and are potentially risking their lives because they could die in the process of joining ISIS. It is literally like signing your life over. I for one do not understand their reason and mentality in doing all of this. These people are very committed and supportive. I heard of ISIS, and knew a few minor details about the subject but never knew into depth until I watched this video. Isis is still actively recruiting unbelievably. The man on…show more content…
He says that Allah is the only one to legislate which contradicts everything he is doing. He sounded hypocritical several times throughout the video. How can one say only God is supposed to legislate but at the same time you’re trying to legislate? If he truly believes that, then he should let God handle this instead of taking matters into his own hands. Then he turns around states exactly that, you cannot have man legislating and playing God at the same believing that Allah is the only legislator yet he is doing exactly that. He is trying to take away everyone’s freedoms. No one said that he couldn’t express his feelings and concerns about certain issues that he may feel need to be addressed. He is trying to force their way of doing things such as religion on the rest of the world. God says to not say his name in vain. He uses his name recklessly and unnecessarily throughout the entire interview. I did not appreciate that at all. God created our tongue to speak but not to be rude, disrespectful, speak negativity, use profanity, etc. He is twisting up the word. He confirmed that they were Muslim when he mentioned Muhammad. He wants people to die and go to jail for him. He doesn’t do any fighting himself. He just sends the young recruiters to do his dirty work for him. He deflected several times throughout the video. He never wanted to answer the question and be straightforward. He also had a way with words. He is so bold and blunt until it’s
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