The Rise Of Japan During The 19th Century

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The relationship between the two nations has been noted by many scholars that there is a noticeable affront that has been built between the youth of the Japanese and the youth of the Chinese, which began in the 19th century when Japan began its rise to power in East Asia (Westad, 2013). The rise of Japan during the 19th century was seen as a slap in the face to the Chinese, who believed that they should be in control of East Asia that they were supposed to be the chosen nation, the leader of East Asia. These ideologies were said to be passed down from one generation to the next beginning under the leadership of Mao Zedong, and the founders of the Chinese Communist Party to the today (Westad, 2013). These ideologies have led too many Chinese regarding the wealth made by the Japanese, and Japan’s relationships with the United States as “ill-gotten gains;” Japan is currently the main Asian ally for the US (Westad, 2013). The belief was that wealth of the Japanese was meant for the Chinese- and as history has progressed forward the belief has created a rife between the two nations that can be felt more now than it did when the nations were at war in 1937 (Westad, 2013). Ultimately, the Chinese- Japanese rife came to a head when Japan rose to power during the 19th century, and incited a war due to their greed and expansionism. The position as the East Asian superpower was and still is regarded as the true position of power for the Chinese- and has created a new dynamic as China
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