The Rise Of Power Under Hitler

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Prompt 1:
Compare and contrast the rise of and consolidation of power under Hitler with the rise of and consolidation of power under Mussolini with specific reference to conditions that led to their authoritarian states, their respective aims and ideologies, and the extent to which their totalitarian aims were achieved. Benito Mussolini was born into an Italian family that held socialist and republican beliefs and therefore, he too was raised with these beliefs in mind. After participating in demonstrations that opposed Italians participating in World War I and was imprisoned. However, this stunt also allowed him to gain more of a well known name in the socialist work and got him a job writing for and Italian socialist newspaper titled Avaniti! This further allowed him to express his socialist ideas but in this case, to a wider audience. However, his term in this job would not last long. In a matter of month Mussolini’s opinion on Italy’s involvement in World War I had changed. Instead of seeing the war as an impediment to Italian society he saw it as a way for Italy to emerge as a world power. He adopted the marxist ideal that the war wold bring about a social revolution prompting his dismemberment from the socialist party and his exit from Avaniti! Moussolini did however see the importance in mass communication sources like newspapers because after his departure from Avaniti! he began another career with Popolo d’Italia a newspaper that expressed Moussolini’s opinion…

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