The Rise Of Professional Nursing

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The rise of professional nursing as a significant discipline in its own right rests on the competence of practicing nurses to correctly address concerns of healthcare clients for which they are distinctively qualified to cater to. It demands that nurses be equipped with the necessary intellectual skills to integrate and use the vast amount of facts derived from patients to be able to discern the actual problem. It is clinical reasoning that allows nurses to do this (Simmons, 2009). Clinical reasoning is an essential element of competent nursing practice. It is a process that involves both understanding and reflective thinking and is dependent on the critical thinking ability of nurses. Those with effective clinical reasoning skills can enhance patient outcomes. On the contrary, those with poor clinical reasoning skills will compromise patient safety as they will often fail to detect impending patient deterioration (Levett-Jones, et. al., 2010). Clinical reasoning is a systematic and logical method wherein nurses gather cues, analyze information, comprehend a patient’s condition, make plans and implement interventions, evaluate results, and apply reflective practice (Delany and Golding 2014). Clinical reasoning, being continuous, does not happen in a linear manner but remains to be cyclical (Marcum, 2012). Errors in clinical reasoning continue to account for majority of patient mortality and morbidity despite the sophisticated technology and evidence-based practices. Thus,
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