The Rise Of Robotics

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Robotics was given rise due to the Industrial Revolution. One of the impacts of the Industrial Revolution is automation, which given birth of a variety of autonomous systems. In 1942, it was given another name by a sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov, Robot (Weinstein, 2016) . The purpose of this essay is to analyze the reasons for the rise of robotics, to demonstrate the conditions to make robotics be a game-changer, and to show why it results in a revolution in modern industries.

Robotics becomes one of the main streams in electronics, since it lessen labor costs, eliminates repetitive tasks and magnifies production. According to Keramas (1999) , it took less than three years to recover the investment from replacing workers with robots. Which means the annual cost of robots is less than that of workers. Workers can only able to work for two-third of the day, whereas robots can operate for a
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Robot is now the best substitution on work force by performing not only tailor-made function, but also intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make adjustments in its program by itself. For example, AlphaGo had loss to Lee Sedol in game 4 of the Google DeepMind Challenge, it had performed better moves to beat Lee Sedol in game 5 (American Go E-Journal) . Robot also plays an important role in explorations in space. The Curiosity rover will be sent from NASA, searching for living signs on Mars. By the utilization of robotics, human may learn more about the outer space. In the medical field, robot surgeons are under consideration as robot makes less error than human. Such as dental drills to perform implant surgeries (Young, 2014) . It is expected that the usage of robots will cover most of human activities in the future as they are designed to specialize in their own
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