The Rise Of Sea Levels

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As we arrive into another new year the same environmental issues plague us, waiting for more to be made to change the way things are done. One particular issue is the rise of or current sea levels, and even more troublesome the fact that the rate is going faster than scientist expected and how much of a impact it will have on land and aquatic life. Studies show that scientist have tracked the seas levels throughout time but were unbothered due to the fact that the increase was by very minute changes. Scientist first began to realize the rise of sea levels during the 20th century, where concern began to increase. “Records and research shows that sea level rise has been rising at a rate of 0.04 to 0.1 inches per year (“Is sea level” 2016). I believe that sea level rise is just one of the many causes of global warming. But more specifically sea level is said to be caused by “thermal expansion (caused by the warming of the oceans (since water expands as it warms) and land based ice (such as glaciers) due to increased melting)”(Gaffin, 2002) to me this is something to fear because it’s something that could directly affect people just like me, where we normally would see serious flooding. There are many Americans who live in coastal states whose futures in their current and children’s residences are greatly threatened “Two global models show that even if the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere ad been stabilized in the year 2000, we are already committed to
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