The Rise Of Self Service Machines

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Marx and Technology Karl Marx’s theories were written in the 19th century, it is debated whether they are applicable to the issues of modern society. This essay seeks to explore the key ideas of Marx and apply them to the chosen contemporary concern of the rise of self-service machines. Primarily it will give an in depth description of his idea of human nature and the key ideas surrounding Marxist theory. Secondly, it will explain the current issue and argue the rise of technology through the eyes of Marx by relating to his main concepts. Marx’s views on human nature make up the philosophical element of his ideas. He believed human beings define themselves primarily through their labouring activity. Labour is therefore what they live for, it defines human beings and also performs functions by connecting them to their existence. This is achieved in three senses which Marx outlined (Morrison, 2006). Firstly individuals exert control over nature which makes them active in history, rather than passive. Secondly, labour provides the necessities a human requires to live, without it they would have no food, shelter or clothing and would not exist. Thirdly Marx believed labour allows an individual to define themselves. Through labour humans feel in control of their survival and are confirmed in their own existence (Morrison, p. 120). The essence of the individual is labour, it is central to human development. Humans still hold the power of creativity but the nature of the capitalist
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