The Rise Of Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley has always been a place of constant economic change. Huge booms and then sudden busts are not only common, but they’re almost predictable. It’s becoming easier to observe and evaluate past crashes and use this knowledge to predict future busts in the valley. The huge jump in the number of tech startups recently has been attracting an increasing amount of attention from investors who are looking for make it big. Due to this as well as other factors, these companies are becoming overvalued, causing a tech bubble that will soon burst.

The economic history of Silicon Valley is far from smooth. The Valley has survived the outrageous fortunes of the military industrial complex in the 70s, the silicon wafer business in the 80s, and the personal computer in the 90s, which are all either dead, gone overseas, or now established and boring. One of the more famous events, the dot-com boom in the late 1990s to 2000s, left many with a feeling of helplessness for the future of the valley. The sudden growth of the internet resulted in venture capitalists seeing record-setting growth as dot-com companies experienced abnormal rises in their stock prices and therefore moved faster and with less caution than usual, thus resulting in a tech bubble that burst, leaving investors floundered.

One thing is for certain, if there is one thing that Silicon Valley is good at, it’s recovering from hard times like these. It seems that no matter how hard of a fall it might take, it’s able

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