The Rise Of Social Media And Its Impact On The Feminism Movement Essay

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Media Research Literature Review The rise of Social Media and its impact on the Feminism Movement Abstract: The new media Internet, social media platforms, has been an increasingly popular tool for feminists to promote the feminism movement. With the broad reach of the internet and social media, this has led to a wider awareness of the feminist movement. The broad reach of the internet and social media however has also open the female gender to various levels of objectification. This paper reviews the research that has been done regarding the effect that the internet and social media has on the feminism movement. Throughout history, women have always been oppressed in one form or another. The social status of women have often been lower than that of their male counter parts creating adverse gender inequality in society. One such example is in the United States of America in which before 1920, women did not have the rights to vote. The lower social status of women in society is further propagated mainly through the objectification of women in the media through the sexualisation of women. Since the creation of media, various forms of media have often objectified woman, be it in advertising or in movies. (Fredrickson and Roberts, 1997). The objectification theory focuses on the continuous exposure to media which objectified women, leading to a phenomenon known as self-objectification. According to this theory, after long term
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