The Rise Of Special Effects Make Up

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Samantha Kowal Professor Bauer English AOS 42 January 28, 2014 The Rise of Special Effects Make-up Make-up artist have been influential in artists productions throughout time; everything from Shakespearean theater to the IMAX big screen. Although their craft is stared at by audiences around the world, they do not get the respect and recognition they deserve. Without make-up there would be no beautiful actress or gruesome creature to intrigue the audience. Special effects artist are masters of illusion and molders of beauty. They have the skill to transport a person to a completely different realm of imagination. To come at this essay from a stronger position, I would first like to explain my obsession and brief insight to the world…show more content…
I was blown away with everything I tried and even got stuck on a few of them for years. No matter who I went with, I always managed to find myself in a different world; every one of them filled with such beauty and passion. Many were truly amazing but I would always come to a point where I couldn’t take it any further. I wanted more expression and more of me in the art. Honestly, I think I wanted to stand out from my families talents and excel on my own; do something better than they could. I needed to have world of my own. Then it hit me. I was watching a movie called “Nightmare on Elm Street," after being petrified by the gruesome creature known as Freddy Krugar my mother kept reminding me that it wasn’t real. I became obsessed with that concept. He isn’t real yet we fear him so much, he was an illusion that was beautifully executed through the art of make-up. A make-up artist named, Robert Englund, took the time to make this horrific character, which may have been make-believe to us but was very real to him. He was able to take the back story of a crazed child rapist and produce a creation from his imagination and bring it into real life. It not only was the character itself dark and twisted but the anatomy of him was just unbelievable. He managed to manipulate our eyes and portray this very real person, simply by tweaking some ones anatomy. In a way he was creating not only a character but a whole new life all together, and this concept kept me in awe for years.
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